n The Janion almost sells out opening weekend! - The Janion, Victoria BC

The Janion almost sells out opening weekend!

The hype was real.  The Janion had impressive pre registry numbers and that hype continued on to their opening this past weekend.  There was a line up on Johnson St and some lined up the previous night to get remaining units in the heritage section of the building.  The company decided to leave 3 units available (priced at the $110,000 point) to increase buzz to their opening day.

The result was outstanding.  It was a crazy day and the Janion is almost completely sold out.  The building is in great growing and trendy area of Victoria BC,  and combine it with a well known developer and buzz around price point helped to move the units quickly.

Here are a few shots from inside the sales centre:

The Janion Blue bridgeThe Janion Mock up

There are still a few of the 2 bedroom units available and I am sure a few more units might open up after closing dates start to come in from the weekend.

For information on purchasing a unit, go to their website:  janion2013.com

We will keep on posting any updates from the building that we hear about.

The Janion is a micro loft unit in downtown lower Johnson area of Victoria, BC.